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Fig. 3

From: RAC3 influences the chemoresistance of colon cancer cells through autophagy and apoptosis inhibition

Fig. 3

The sensitivity to drugs-induced cell death is enhanced by the decrease in RAC3 expression levels: Cells lines were stimulated for 6 or 24 h with 3.5 μM FUra or 0.4 μM Oxa. a, c and f Representative microphotography (200×) of apoptotic Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) stained cells after 6 or 24 h of treatment. b, d and g Diagram bars correspond to the percentage of EtBr positive cells per field (at least 10 fields per sample), b *p < 0.001 respect to basal condition for HCT 116 or LoVo cells, d *p < 0.001 respect to HCT 116 control basal, **p < 0.001 respect to HCT 116 shRAC3 basal and ***p < 0.001 respect to control and g *p < 0.05 respect to LoVo control basal, **p < 0.001 respect to LoVo control basal. e and h pro-Caspase 3 (pro-C3) and Beclin 1 levels were determined by Western blot. RDU correspond to the average of densitometry units respect to the Tubulin expression, obtained in three independent experiments

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