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Fig. 6

From: MiR-539 inhibits proliferation and migration of triple-negative breast cancer cells by down-regulating LAMA4 expression

Fig. 6

Overexpression of miR-539 inhibited TNBC cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion in vitro. a The cell proliferation of miR-539 mimic transfected cells was inhibited at 48 h and lasted to 72 h, but not at 24 h; *p < 0.05, n = 4 for each group, Mann–Whitney test following Friedman ANOVA. b BT-549 cells transfected with miR-539 mimic inhibited the invasive ability, *p < 0.05, N = 4, Student t test. c. MiR-539 mimic could inhibit the cell migration rate, *p < 0.05, N = 4, Student t test

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