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Table 3 Enriched pathways of methylated genes in signature

From: Identification of four differentially methylated genes as prognostic signatures for stage I lung adenocarcinoma

Pathway name p-value
Cellular protein localization 5.47E−07
Cellular macromolecule localization 6.42E−07
Intracellular protein transport 8.81E−07
Intracellular transport 4.37E−05
Macromolecule localization 5.02E−05
Cellular protein metabolic process 7.15E−05
Protein localization 0.000123001
Cellular localization 0.000128524
Protein transport 0.000204877
Negative regulation of cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 0.000244491
Primary metabolic process 0.000251601
Protein metabolic process 0.000260279
Negative regulation of nucleobase nucleoside nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process 0.000341604
Cellular macromolecule metabolic process 0.000350947
Establishment of protein localization 0.000404266
Negative regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process 0.000458234
Negative regulation of biosynthetic process 0.000512494
Protein modification process 0.000516455
Negative regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic process 0.000562752
Negative regulation of cellular biosynthetic process 0.000615668
Protein targeting 0.000632614
Establishment of localization in cell 0.000691823