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Fig. 1

From: miR-93-5p enhance lacrimal gland adenoid cystic carcinoma cell tumorigenesis by targeting BRMS1L

Fig. 1

Upregulation of miR-93-5p in samples and plasma of LACC patients. a The patient with LACC on right eye. b The radiological data showed the proptosis on the right eye with partial destruction of the bone. c The LACC tissue obtained from the patient during surgery. The size and the shape of the tumor were shown. d The relative expression levels of miR-93-5p in LACC compared to normal tissues. **p < 0.01. e The relative expression levels of miR-93-5p in the plasma of LACC patients compared to healthy participants *p < 0.05. f LACC cells (L3–2 and L3–5) were isolated from LACC tissues. These cells were then transfected with miRNA mimics or miR-93-5p. The miR-93-5p expression was examined by qRT-PCR after 48 h. **p < 0.001 compared with miRNA mimics cells

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