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Fig. 2

From: miR-93-5p enhance lacrimal gland adenoid cystic carcinoma cell tumorigenesis by targeting BRMS1L

Fig. 2

Promotive effects of miR-93-5p in LACC cell migration, invasion and proliferation. L3–2 and L3–5 cells were transfected with miR-93-5p or miRNA mimics. a mRNA and b protein expression of E-cadherin and N-cadherin was examined by qRT-PCR and western blot. c Wounded healing and d transwell assays were performed. Representative images (left) and quantification (right) of cell migration and invasion were shown. e Cell proliferation was analyzed by CCK-8 assays. f Cell apoptosis was examined by Flow cytometry. *p < 0.05 compared with miRNA mimics cells

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