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Fig. 1

From: Inhibition of the PI3K but not the MEK/ERK pathway sensitizes human glioma cells to alkylating drugs

Fig. 1

The MEK/ERK and PI3K pathways are activated in GBM in vivo and in vitro. a Human proteome-profiler phospho-MAPkinase arrays of GBM tumor biopsies before and after TMZ treatment. Shown are biopsies derived from patients, who were newly diagnosed a secondary GBM and underwent surgery before TMZ treatment (P1–P4) and of patients which underwent a second surgery after TMZ treatment due to recurrence of the tumor (P5–P8). Phosphorylated ERK2 (T185/Y187, AKTpan (S473, S474, S472) and CREB (S133) were detected in all biopsies. b Western blotting reveals that EGF-R, IGF1-R, and PDGF-Rβ RTKs are constitutively overexpressed. β-actin Western blot was performed to control for loading (left panel). Human proteome-profiler phospho-antibody arrays were used to assess the activation status of RTKs (middle panel) and downstream targets ERK2 (T185/Y187), AKTpan (S473, S474, S472) and CREB (S133) (right panel)

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