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Fig. 4

From: Inhibition of the PI3K but not the MEK/ERK pathway sensitizes human glioma cells to alkylating drugs

Fig. 4

LY290042 increases apoptosis and DNA damage of TMZ treated U251 cells. a Representative FACS blots of U251 cells treated with either vehicle (DMSO), TMZ (1000 µM), LY294002 (20 µM) or the combination for 72 h. Annexin V positive cells were regarded as apoptotic cells. b Quantification of apoptotic cells from Annexin V assays (n = 5). c DNA damage was assayed by comet assay and is displayed as tail moment in U251 cells treated with LY290042, TMZ or vehicle (DMSO) for 1 h as indicated. d Representative Western blots showing P–P53 (S15), P53 and P21 expression in U251 cells treated with LY290042 (20 µM), TMZ (1000 µM) or vehicle (DMSO) for 24 h as indicated. β-actin Western blot was performed to control for loading (left panels). Densitometric analysis of the respective (phospho-) proteins relative to β-actin (right bars, n = 3). *P < 0.05, ***P < 0.001

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