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Fig. 5

From: Inhibition of the PI3K but not the MEK/ERK pathway sensitizes human glioma cells to alkylating drugs

Fig. 5

MEK inhibition negatively impacts on intrinsic chemoresistance. MTT assays showing that a U0126 (5 and 20 µM) and b PD98059 (5 and 20 µM) desensitize U251 cells for TMZ treatment (n = 3). c U0126 (5 and 20 µM) and d PD98059 (5 and 20 µM) lead to a strong right shift of TMZ concentration response curves in U373 cells (n = 3). e U0126 (10 µM) and PD98059 (20 µM) do not sensitize GBM cell lines to cisplatin. Presented IC50 values were derived from MTT assays (n = 3)

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