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Table 3 Gene Ontology (GO) analysis of the potential targets of CTD-2547G23.4

From: Up-regulation of CTD-2547G23.4 in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues and its prospective molecular regulatory mechanism: a novel qRT-PCR and bioinformatics analysis study

Category Term Count P value
GOTERM_BP GO:0044057—regulation of system process 14 1.72E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0019226—transmission of nerve impulse 14 5.05E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0060078—regulation of postsynaptic membrane potential 4 5.98E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0045449—regulation of transcription 59 6.20E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0032095—regulation of response to food 3 6.97E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0032098—regulation of appetite 3 6.97E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0007267—cell–cell signalling 19 9.61E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0007268—synaptic transmission 12 9.95E−03
GOTERM_BP GO:0030182—neuron differentiation 15 1.30E−02
GOTERM_BP GO:0006350—transcription 48 1.37E−02
GOTERM_CC GO:0043005—neuron projection 16 2.28E−04
GOTERM_CC GO:0044459—plasma membrane part 54 2.76E−04
GOTERM_CC GO:0045202—synapse 16 3.39E−04
GOTERM_CC GO:0030054—cell junction 18 2.32E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0005886—plasma membrane 76 3.83E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0042734—presynaptic membrane 4 9.41E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0042995—cell projection 20 9.66E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0008076—voltage-gated potassium channel complex 6 9.88E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0034705—potassium channel complex 6 9.88E−03
GOTERM_CC GO:0044456—synapse part 10 1.28E−02
GOTERM_MF GO:0046872—metal ion binding 92 3.60E−04
GOTERM_MF GO:0043169—cation binding 92 5.10E−04
GOTERM_MF GO:0043167—ion binding 92 8.69E−04
GOTERM_MF GO:0008066—glutamate receptor activity 5 1.51E−03
GOTERM_MF GO:0008270—zinc ion binding 55 2.74E−03
GOTERM_MF GO:0035254—glutamate receptor binding 3 6.90E−03
GOTERM_MF GO:0022843—voltage-gated cation channel activity 8 1.02E−02
GOTERM_MF GO:0005244—voltage-gated ion channel activity 9 1.44E−02
GOTERM_MF GO:0022832—voltage-gated channel activity 9 1.44E−02
GOTERM_MF GO:0005261—cation channel activity 11 1.45E−02