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Table 1 NLC delivery for miRNA in tumor gene therapy

From: Nanostructured lipid carriers for MicroRNA delivery in tumor gene therapy

Nanocarriers miRNA Tumor therapy Organ uptake
Cationic NLC miR-34a B16F10 melanoma lung metastasis [26] N/A
miR-107 Head and neck squamous carcinoma [27] N/A
miR-7 Lung cancer [28, 29] N/A
miR-34a/miR-143/miR-145 Pancreatic carcinoma [30] N/A
miR-101 Hepatocarcinoma [31] N/A
miR-375 Hepatocellular carcinoma [34] Liver tissue, kidney tissue
Neutral NLC miR-124 Lung cancer [4] Lung tissue
let-7 Lung cancer [4] N/A
miR-34a Lung cancer [39] N/A
miR-34a Diffuse large B cell lymphoma [40] N/A
miR-495 Lung cancer [41] N/A
Targeting-modified NLC miRNA-125a-5p Breast cancer [43] N/A
miR-34a B16F10 melanoma lung metastasis [26] N/A
anti-miR-221 Hepatocarcinoma [44] N/A
let-7a NSCLC [45] N/A
anti-miR-21 Glioblastoma [46] Brain tissue
  1. NLC nanostructured lipid carrier, NSCLC non small cell lung cancer, N/A not applicable