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Fig. 2

From: Activated gastric cancer-associated fibroblasts contribute to the malignant phenotype and 5-FU resistance via paracrine action in gastric cancer

Fig. 2

Identification of GCAFs. a Characteristics on day 3, floating cells (upper) and an adherent mixture of fibroblasts and cancer cells (lower). b Characteristics on day 20, fibroblasts began to show a spindle or a multi-polar morphotype. c Characteristics on day 40, three strains of fibroblasts behaved stable, and swirly colonies appeared. d Colon (upper) and pancreatic (lower) fibroblasts. H&E staining showed morphological heterogeneity among the three strains of fibroblasts. e In CAF-2916, vimentin was expressed at a very high level, and FAP was expressed moderately; α-SMA and desmin were faint. f In CAF-2922, vimentin, α-SMA, and FAP were all highly expressed. g In CAF-2923, vimentin, desmin, and FAP were found in fibroblasts. Scale bar = 250 µm

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