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Fig. 4

From: The prognostic potential of coilin in association with p27 expression in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia for disease relapse

Fig. 4

Expression of p27 in different subgroups conjoining coilin levels for the prognosis of pediatric BCP-ALL. a Relative p27 expression at diagnosis (day 0) or complete remission (day 78) (n = 22). b Levels of p27 expression in patients of continuous complete remission (CCR) (n = 120) or relapse (n = 13). Analyses of c event free survival (EFS) and d relapse free survival (RFS) from the whole cohort of 144 BCP-ALL patients with high or low coilin expression. Analyses of e event free survival (EFS) and f relapse free survival (RFS) in patients with high or low p27 expression

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