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Table 3 The cell cycle related gene ontology enriched genes in the common DEGs

From: SOX2OT knockdown derived changes in mitotic regulatory gene network of cancer cells

GO term p value Enriched genes
Cell cycle (KEGG) 0.004 RBL2, ORC4, CDK2, MAD1L1
Nucleotide binding (MF) 0.0001 R3HCC1, HRAS, CARS2, NXF1, ORC4, MVD, G3BP2, PIK3CA, HIPK1, HSPA1B, RHOT1, ACTR3, RAP1B, DDX21, GNL3L, CDK2, MYLK, MRPL23, HSPA4L, CDC34, CHUK, PMVK, PRKD2, SMC4, HSPA1A, DYNC1LI2
G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle (BP) 3.23E−06 TAF2, CDK2, NEDD1
Mitotic cell cycle checkpoint (BP) 0.0018 ORC4, CDK2, MAD1L1
G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle (BP) 0.008 ORC4, CDK2, CDC34, EIF4E
Mitotic cell cycle (BP) 0.026 ORC4, CDK2, MAD1L1, INCENP, NEDD1