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Table 3 Validation of the hub genes in TCGA database

From: DNA methylation biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma

Hub gene Methylation status P value Expression status P value
 MAD2L1 Hypomethylation < 2.2e−16 High expression < 2.2e−16
 CDC20 Hypomethylation 6.12e−13 High expression < 2.2e−16
 CCNB1 Hypomethylation 2.87e−5 High expression < 2.2e−16
 CCND1 Hypermethylation 1.27e−5 Low expression 1.27e−5
 AR Hypermethylation 2.96e−4 Low expression 1.47e−9
 ESR1 Hypermethylation 0.0258 Low expression < 2.2e−16