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Table 3 BC094916 mRNA did not express in SP 2/0 cells

From: BC094916 suppressed SP 2/0 xenograft tumor by down-regulating Creb1 and Bcl2 transcription

Gene symbol Total exon fragments FPKM
Prdm1 1720.99 27.05
Xbp1 4553.99 159.74
Pax5 35 0.31
Bcl6 116.99 2.36
BC094916 0 0
  1. The transcripts in SP 2/0 cells were determined by RNA-sequencing. Total exon fragments and FPKM (FPKM = total exon fragments/mapped reads (millions)/exon length (KB), Fragments per Kilo bases per Million reads) values of selected genes encoding Prdm1, Xbp1, Pax5, Bcl6 and BC094916 are shown