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Table 4 B cells expressed the high level of BC094916 mRNA

From: BC094916 suppressed SP 2/0 xenograft tumor by down-regulating Creb1 and Bcl2 transcription

Gene symbol Total exon fragments FPKM
CD19 20,349 441.5
Pax5 30,458 255
Bcl6 1865 27.73
Prdm1 244 2.9
Xbp1 2008 54.8
BC094916 798 19.65
  1. The splenocytes from three 7–9-week female C57BL/6 mice per group were sorted by CD19 microbeads. The transcripts in B cells were determined by RNA-sequencing. Total exon fragments and FPKM (FPKM = total exon fragments/mapped reads (millions)/exon length (KB), Fragments per Kilo bases per Million reads) values of selected genes encoding CD19, Pax5, Bcl6, Prdm1, Xbp1, and BC094916 are shown