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Table 5 BC094916 mRNA expression slightly increased in activated B cells

From: BC094916 suppressed SP 2/0 xenograft tumor by down-regulating Creb1 and Bcl2 transcription

Gene symbol Fold change Regulation
CD5+B/CD5B EAE/control
BC094916 2.21 1.49 Up
  1. The splenocytes were separated from three 7–9-week female C57BL/6 mice per group and CD5+B cells were sorted by FACS (the second column). B cells were sorted by CD19 microbeads from the splenocytes of three 11-week female EAE and control mice (the third column). The transcripts in B cells were determined by Affymetrix Microarrays. The fold change of the transcripts in CD5+B cells to CD5B cells or CD19+B cells from EAE mice to those from control mice is shown