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Table 2 Expression of BORIS in different cancer cells/tissues

From: BORIS: a key regulator of cancer stemness

Cancer cell line or tumor tissue mRNA/protein level References
Neuroblastoma mRNA [60]
Breast cancer mRNA and protein [15, 60]
Leukemic cell lines mRNA [13]
Ovarian cancer mRNA [17]
Colon cancer mRNA [60]
Prostate cancer mRNA and protein [48, 60]
Uterine cancer mRNA [24]
Cervical cancer mRNA [32]
Endometrial cancer mRNA [57]
Esophageal squamous cancer mRNA and protein [49]
Pancreatic cancer Protein [58]
Hepatocellular carcinoma mRNA and protein [31, 47]
Glioblastoma mRNA and protein [59]
Laryngeal squamous carcinoma mRNA and protein [50]
Melanoma mRNA [60]