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Fig. 3

From: Gambogic acid induces autophagy and combines synergistically with chloroquine to suppress pancreatic cancer by increasing the accumulation of reactive oxygen species

Fig. 3

Inhibition of autophagy with knockdown of Atg-7 Si-RNA enhanced gambogic acid (GA) cytotoxicity in cells. PANC-1 and BxPC-3 cells were transiently transfected with Si-Atg-7, cultured for 48 h, and then treated with GA for another 24 h. Cell viability was detected by the MTT assay (a). b The expression of Atg-7, LC-3, cleaved-PARP, cleaved caspase-3, and cleaved caspase-9 proteins was analyzed by western blot. Data are presented as mean ± SD (n = 3)

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