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Fig. 1

From: Targeting cellular metabolism using rapamycin and/or doxycycline enhances anti-tumour effects in human glioma cells

Fig. 1

mTOR activity and metabolic differences in U251, U87 and U373-U human glioma cells. a mTOR activity related proteins and other metabolic enzyme expressions characterise and show some individual differences in the studied human glioma cell lines—representative figures of Western blot results; b the enzyme expression profiles could correlate to mTOR inhibitor sensitivity of glioma cells (rapamycin—Rapa 50 ng/mL; NVP-BEZ235—BEZ 1 µM; PP242 1 µM for 72-h treatments), which were monitored by Alamar Blue and SRB proliferation tests—the cell proliferation of untreated controls was considered 100%; rapamycin inhibited the proliferation in all studied cells, significantly; Significant differences compared to rapamycin were labelled by *p < 0.05

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