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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of PD-1 related immune transcriptional profile in different cancer types

Fig. 2

PD-1 expression and MCP count score of 33 types of cancer in TCGA datasets. Among the 33 cancer types, DLBC ranked first in the expression of PD-1 while UVM, ACC, and LGG expressed lower PD-1 than other cancer types. As indicated by the MCP count score, the THYM showed the highest abundance of T cell, CD8+ T cells, and myeloid dendritic cells. The DLBC possessed the highest abundance of B cells, monocytic lineage cells. The KIRC ranked first in the infiltration of endothelial cells, while UVM and UCEC were poorly infiltrated with immune cells (a). The correlation between the expression of PD-1 and tumor immune infiltrates. The expression of PD-1 showed strong correlation with T cells, CD8+ T cells, and cytotoxic lymphocytes in more than 80% of the cancer types (R ≥ 0.7), while the correlation between the expression of PD-1 and the neutrophils infiltration was the poorest among all types of the immune cells (b)

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