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Fig. 2

From: Novel sulphamoylated 2-methoxy estradiol derivatives inhibit breast cancer migration by disrupting microtubule turnover and organization

Fig. 2

ESE-15-one and ESE-one significantly inhibit MDA-MB-231 cell migration. a Cell migration was quantified using a wound closure assay where monolayers of MDA-MB-231 cells were exposed to 0.2% DMSO as vehicle control, or to 0.5 μM ESE-15-one or 0.5 μM ESE-one directly after a cell-free zone was generated. Cell migration into the cell-free zone was quantified after 18 h. An average of three independent experiments was calculated with error bars representing SEM, while *P < 0.001 in a t-test between vehicle control and each compound respectively. b Light microscopy images of cell migration assays showing cycling cells at time 0 h and after 18 h treated with DMSO or ESE-15-one. Scale bar is 200 μm

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