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Table 2 The strategies for avoiding transferred TCR mispairing with endogenous TCRs

From: T cell receptor-engineered T cells for leukemia immunotherapy

Strategies Research references
Editing TCRs  
 Generating dominant TCR constructs that can inhibited the endogenous TCRs [15]
 Promoting the disruption of the endogenous TCRs [32]
 Disrupting only the endogenous TCR α chain [33]
 Silenced endogenous TCR genes [34]
 Knockout endogenous TCRβ simultaneously transduction of transferred TCRs [35]
Using different kinds of cells  
 γδT cells [36]
 CD4+ and CD8+ T cells without endogenous αβ TCRs [35]
 Hematopoietic stem cells [37]
 Reprogrammed T cells [38]