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Fig. 1

From: CIB1 depletion with docetaxel or TRAIL enhances triple-negative breast cancer cell death

Fig. 1

CIB1 depletion in combination with docetaxel enhances cell death and increases caspase activation in TNBC but not normal ME16C cells. Combination of CIB1 depletion with docetaxel in both TNBC and normal cells was tested. Cells were infected with control or CIB1 shRNA for 2 days before addition of vehicle (DMSO) or the indicated concentrations of docetaxel for 48 h. Percent cell death in a MDA-436 TNBC (n = 5), b MDA-468 TNBC (n = 3), c MDA-231 TNBC (n = 3), and d ME16C normal breast epithelial cells (n = 4) was quantified via a trypan blue exclusion assay from both adherent and floating cell populations. Lysates prepared from cells in ad [n = 5; 3; 3; 4, respectively] were analyzed by Western blotting with the indicated antibodies (lower panels). Data represent mean ± SD (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, and ****P < 0.0001, ANOVA)

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