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Fig. 6

From: CIB1 depletion with docetaxel or TRAIL enhances triple-negative breast cancer cell death

Fig. 6

Docetaxel resistant MDA-436 cells are sensitive to CIB1 depletion alone and in combination with docetaxel or TRAIL. To determine whether chemo-resistance is overcome by the combination treatments, cell death and its mechanism were analyzed. Control or CIB1-depleted MDA-436-PR (parental) and MDA-436-DCXR (docetaxel-resistant) cells were treated with either a vehicle control (DMSO) or 10 nM docetaxel (n = 3), b or 5 ng/ml TRAIL ligand (n = 3) for 48 h. Percent cell death shown in mean ± SD was quantified as in Fig. 1. c Western blots showing increased caspase-8 activation and decreased Alix expression in CIB1-depleted MDA-436-DCXR cells alone or in combination with docetaxel or TRAIL, representative of 3 individual experiments. GAPDH was used as a loading control. d Representative DIC images (20×) of control or CIB1-depleted parental (MDA-436-PR) and MDA-436-DCXR cells treated with either vehicle or 10 nM docetaxel or 5 ng/ml. Insets show characteristics of paraptotic morphology in CIB1-depleted cells in the absence or presence of docetaxel/TRAIL

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