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Fig. 1

From: SLC25A22 promotes proliferation and metastasis by activating MAPK/ERK pathway in gallbladder cancer

Fig. 1

SLC25A22 is overexpressed in gallbladder cancer (GBC). a Immunohistochemical staining of tumor tissues and corresponding adjacent normal tissues for SLC25A22. Expression staining scores are shown in the graph bar (n = 40) {p < 0.001}. b Levels of relative SLC25A22 mRNA were detected in 20 GBC tumor tissues and corresponding normal tissues by qRT-PCR (n = 20) {p < 0.001}. c NOZ and GBC-SD display higher expression of SLC25A22 than others, as observed by western-blot. d, e Knockdown efficiency of an shRNA specifically directed against SLC25A22 was tested in protein and mRNA level. An shRNA blocked relative mRNA of SLC25A22 compared to control (shNC) in NOZ and GBC-SD using qRT-PCR, western-blot. The expression of SLC25A22 protein was significantly decreased in NOZ and GBC-SD transfected with shRNA. GAPDH was used an internal reference

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