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Fig. 5

From: SLC25A22 promotes proliferation and metastasis by activating MAPK/ERK pathway in gallbladder cancer

Fig. 5

SLC25A22 inhibits GBC cells apoptosis by regulating MAPK/ERK pathway. a Flow cytometry analysis of cell apoptosis of GBC-SD and NOZ cells with annexin V/PI staining indicating there was a significant difference of early apoptosis between two groups (shNC, shSLC25A22). b Apoptosis-related proteins (cleaved-PARP, Cytochrome-c, BCL-2, BAX) expression was analyzed by western-blot. c The protein of GBC-SD and NOZ cells were transfected with shNC and shSLC25A22 was subjected to analysis by western-blot. Representative immunoblots of MAPK/ERK pathway were analyzed with GAPDH as an internal reference

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