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Table 4 KEGG pathway analysis of aberrantly methylated-differentially expressed genes in PCa

From: Combined analysis and validation for DNA methylation and gene expression profiles associated with prostate cancer

Category Pathway P-value
Hypermethylation-low expression NOD-like receptor signaling pathway 7.37E−04
Pentose phosphate pathway 3.64E−03
Viral carcinogenesis 3.76E−03
Tryptophan metabolism 6.84E−03
Measles 8.68E−03
Hepatitis B 1.05E−02
Legionellosis 1.26E−02
Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway 1.69E−02
Influenza A 1.71E−02
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 1.74E−02
Hypomethylation-high expression Pathways in cancer 1.47E−04
MAPK signaling pathway 1.67E−04
Wnt signaling pathway 2.01E−04
Colorectal cancer 2.78E−04
Pancreatic cancer 3.35E−04
Melanoma 4.15E−04
AGE-RAGE signaling pathway in diabetic complications 1.16E−03
Insulin resistance 1.44E−03
FoxO signaling pathway 2.55E−03
Hepatitis B 3.32E−03