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Table 1 Main characteristics of studies on Lin28 (Lin28A) and cancer prognosis

From: Prognostic value of Lin28A and Lin28B in various human malignancies: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author Case nationality Region Age, years Included number Malignant disease Detected sample Analysis method Survival analysis
Hsu, 2015 Chinese Taiwan Asia 53.80mean 140 EOC Tissue IHC PFS
Tu, 2015 USA North America NA 595 CRC Tissue IHC OS
Faria, 2015 Germany/Brazil Europe < 45.80 124 (DFS)/188 (OS) ACC Tissue IHC OS/DFS
Qin, 2014 China Asia 50.00median 90 Glioma Tissue IHC OS/PFS
Wang, 2014 China Asia 59.60mean 298 GC Tissue IHC OS/DFS
Liu, 2013 China Asia 46.00median 86 Breast cancer Tissue IHC OS
Xu, 2013 China Asia 56.00median 229 GC Tissue IHC OS
Yin, 2013 China Asia 49.00median 57 HCC Tissue qRT-PCR OS/RFS
Ma, 2013 USA North America 60.78mean 343 EOC Tissue AQUA OS/PFS
Wu, 2013 China Asia 60.00mean 72 OSCC Tissue IHC OS/DFS
Feng, 2012 USA North America 50.00median 569 Breast cancer Tissue AQUA OS
Hamano, 2012 Japan Asia 65.00mean 161 OC Tissue IHC OS/DFS
Qiu, 2012 China Asia 50.00median 53 HCC Tissue PCR OS/RFS
Rodini, 2012 Brazil South America NA 37 Medulloblastoma Tissue qRT-PCR OS
Korshunov, 2012 Germany Europe < 18.00 816 ETMR Tissue IHC OS
Kim, 2011 South Korea Asia 48.00median 38 NPC Tissue IHC OS/PFS
  1. EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, CRC colorectal cancer, ACC adrenocortical cancer, GC gastric cancer, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, OSCC oral squamous cell carcinoma, ETMR embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes, OC oesophagus cancer, NPC nasopharyngeal carcinoma, PFS progression-free survival, OS overall survival, DFS disease-free survival, RFS recurrence-free survival, IHC immunohistochemistry, qRT-PCR quantitative real-time PCR, AQUA automated quantitative analysis