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Table 2 Detailed structure of the mutational PCR plate

From: The assessment of minimal residual disease versus that of somatic mutations for predicting the outcome of acute myeloid leukemia patients

Gene Nucleotide replacement Aminoacid replacement
ASXL1 c.1772_1773insA p.Y591fs*1
ASXL1 c.1888_1909del22 p.H630fs*66
ASXL1 c.2302C > T p.Q768*
ASXL1 c.2324T > G p.L775*
ASXL1 c.3202C > T p.R1068*
DNMT3A c.2644C > T p.R882C
DNMT3A c.2711C > T p.P904L
FLT3 c.1803_1804ins p.L601_K602ins27
FLT3 c.2503G > C p.D835H
FLT3 c.2503G > T p.D835Y
FLT3 c.2505T > G p.D835E
FLT3 c.2508_2510delCAT p.I836del
IDH1 c.394C > A p.R132S
IDH1 c.394C > G p.R132G
IDH1 c.394C > T p.R132C
IDH1 c.395G > A p.R132H
IDH1 c.395G > T p.R132L
IDH2 c.418C > T p.R140W
IDH2 c.419G > A p.R140Q
IDH2 c.419G > T p.R140L
IDH2 c.514A > T p.R172W
IDH2 c.515G > A p.R172K
IDH2 c.515G > T p.R172M
IDH2 c.516G > T p.R172S
KIT c.1509_1510insGCCTAT p.Y503_F504insAY
KIT c.1621A > C p.M541L
KIT c.1656_1673del18 p.Y553_K558>
KIT c.1667_1672delAGTGGA p.W557_K558del
KIT c.1669_1683del15 p.W557_E561del
KIT c.1669T > A p.W557R
KIT c.1669T > C p.W557R
KIT c.1670_1675delGGAAGG p.W557_V559 > F
KIT c.1675_1677delGTT p.V559del
KIT c.1676T > A p.V559D
KIT c.1676T > C p.V559A
KIT c.1676T > G p.V559G
KIT c.1679T > A p.V560D
KIT c.1708_1728del21 p.Y570_L576del
KIT c.1735_1737delGAT p.D579del
KIT c.1924A > G p.K642E
KIT c.1961T > C p.V654A
KIT c.2446G > C p.D816H
KIT c.2446G > T p.D816Y
KIT c.2447A > T p.D816V
KIT c.2466T > A p.N822K
KIT c.2466T > G p.N822K
KIT c.2467T > G p.Y823D
KIT c.2474T > C p.V825A
NPM1 c.863_864insCATG p.W288fs*12
NPM1 c.863_864insCCGG p.W288fs*12
NPM1 c.863_864insCCTG p.W288fs*12
NPM1 c.863_864insTATG p.W288fs*12
NPM1 c.863_864insTCTG p.W288fs*12
NRAS c.181C > A p.Q61K
NRAS c.182A > C p.Q61P
NRAS c.182A > G p.Q61R
NRAS c.182A > T p.Q61L
NRAS c.183A > C p.Q61H
NRAS c.183A > T p.Q61H
NRAS c.34G > A p.G12S
NRAS c.34G > T p.G12C
NRAS c.35G > A p.G12D
NRAS c.35G > C p.G12A
NRAS c.35G > T p.G12V
NRAS c.37G > C p.G13R
NRAS c.37G > T p.G13C
NRAS c.38G > A p.G13D
NRAS c.38G > C p.G13A
NRAS c.38G > T p.G13V
NRAS c.52G > A p.A18T
RUNX1 c.167T > C p.L56S
RUNX1 c.319C > T p.R107C
RUNX1 c.496C > T p.R166*
RUNX1 c.592G > A p.D198 N
RUNX1 c.593A > G p.D198G
RUNX1 c.602G > A p.R201Q
RUNX1 c.611G > A p.R204Q
TET2 c.1648C > T p.R550*
TET2 c.2746C > T p.Q916*
WT1 c.1168C > T p.R390*
WT1 c.906_907insT p.V303fs*14
WT1 c.938C > A p.S313*
WT1 c.940_941insTCGG p.A314fs*4