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Fig. 5

From: Large tumor suppressor kinase 2 overexpression attenuates 5-FU-resistance in colorectal cancer via activating the JNK-MIEF1-mitochondrial division pathway

Fig. 5

Mitochondrial fission is modulated by 5-FU in a manner dependent on LATS2. af SW480 cells were treated with 5-FU and/or LATS2 overexpression. Then, proteins were isolated from cells and the expression of mitochondrial fission-related factors were evaluated via western blotting. LATS2 overexpression further upregulated 5-FU-activated mitochondrial fission factors. g, h Immunofluorescence assay for mitochondria. Mitochondrial morphology was observed, and then mitochondrial length was determined to quantify mitochondrial fission. *p < 0.05 vs. control (ctrl) group; #p < 0.05 vs. 5-FU + ad-ctrl group; ad-ctrl: control null adenovirus vectors; ad-LATS2: LATS2 adenovirus vectors

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