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Fig. 3

From: Over-expression of Nectin-4 promotes progression of esophageal cancer and correlates with poor prognosis of the patients

Fig. 3

Nectin-4 expression in EC tissues. a, b Positive staining of Nectin-4 could be found in the cytoplasm and on the membrane of cancer cells, while weak or negative staining of Nectin-4 was found in normal esophageal tissues. c The staining intensity of Nectin-4 in EC tissues was significantly higher than that in adjacent normal tissues (P < 0.0001). d The survival analysis showed that the overall survival rate of the patients with higher Nectin-4 expression was significantly poorer compared with those showing lower Nectin-4 expression (HR = 1.704, 95% CI 1.027–2.825, P = 0.039)

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