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Fig. 6

From: miR-328-3p mediates the anti-tumor effect in osteosarcoma via directly targeting MMP-16

Fig. 6

MMP-16 is a potential target of miR-328-3p in OS cells. a Predicted miR-328-3p target sequence in the 3′-UTR of MMP-16 was shown. b The role of mi-328-3p and MMP-16 in the cell viability of MG-63 cells. c The proliferation of MG-63 cells was inhibited by miR-328-3p but elevated by MMP-16. d The effects of miR-328-3p and MMP-16 on the migration of MG-63 cells. e Analysis of relative luciferase activities of MMP-16-WT and MMP-16-mut. f, g Western blot analysis of MMP-16 in MG-63 cells after transfection of miR-328-3p mimic and inhibitor. **p < 0.01 and ***p < 0.001 compared with control

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