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Fig. 3

From: The ubiquitin ligase CHIP modulates cellular behaviors of gastric cancer cells by regulating TRAF2

Fig. 3

CHIP regulates NF-κB signaling pathway through TRAF2. a The protein expression of TRAF2 in the ctrl, hCHIP, siCHIP, and sictrl cell lines was analyzed by Western blotting analysis. Actin was used as an internal control. b The mRNA expression of TRAF2 in the ctrl and hCHIP cell lines. β-actin normalized gene expression, measured in triplicates was displayed. c The protein expression of NF-κB subunits were examined by Western blotting analysis. Protein expression in CE and NE was normalized against Actin or Lamin A/C, respectively. d The DNA-binding activity of NE was detected and quantified using a TransAM NF-κB family transcription factor assay kit

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