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Table 2 Summary of HXEX-ALL1 cell features

From: Establishment and characterization of a novel childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, HXEX-ALL1, with chromosome 9p and 17p deletions

Feature HXEX-ALL1 cells
Clinical characteristics
 Patient 6-year-old male
 Diagnosis BCP-ALL
 Treatment status At second relapse
 Specimen site Bone marrow
 Year of establishment 2017
Cell culture characteristics
 Culture medium 90% RPMI-1640 + 10% FBS
 Growth pattern Suspension as single cells or clumps
 Doubling time 26–32 h
 Subculture 1:4
 Maximum cell density 10 × 106 cells/ml
 Optimal cell density 1 ~ 3×106 cells/ml
 Cryoperservation 60% RPMI-1640 + 30% FBS + 10% DMSO
 Morphology Medium-sized spheroid morphology
 Viral status Negative for EBV, HCMV, HBV, and HIV
 Contamination Negative for mycoplasma
 Authentication Yes (by STR analysis, cytogenetic analysis, and immunoprofiling)
Immunophenotypic characteristics
 B cell CD10+, CD19+, CD22+, cCD79α+, CD20−, cIgM−, sIgM−
 T cell CD2−, CD3−, CD5+, CD7−, cCD3−
 Myelocytic CD13−, CD33−, CD117−
 Progenitor CD34−, HLA-DR+
Ig/TCR rearrangements IgVH-A, IgVH-B, IgVH-C, IgDH-A, IgDH-B, TCRG A and TCRD rearrangements
Gross chromosomal alterations
 CMA 47, XY, +8, del(9p24.3-p13.1), del(17p13.3-p11)
Drug sensitivity Sensitive to Dex and VCR
Resistant to DNR, MTX, Ara-c
Highly resistant to L-Asp
Functional characteristics
 Clonality Yes
 Tumorigenicity in nude mice Tumor masses in 3/6 nude mice