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Table 1 Heterogenous marker expression in mouse bone marrow MSC

From: Ally to adversary: mesenchymal stem cells and their transformation in leukaemia

Markers Location
Nestin+ bright Peri-arteriolar [34, 38]
Nestin+ dim Sinusoids [34, 38]
Nestin+ PDGFRα+ CD51+ CD146+ Perivascular [37]
LepR+ SCF-GFP+ CXCL12DsRedHigh Nestin-dim Prx-1+ PDGFRα+ CD51+ Perivascular [39]
LepR+ PDGFRα+ Sca Sinusoids (subgroup of CAR cells) [39]
LepRNestinbright NG2+ αSMA+ Periarteriolar [38]
PDGFRα+Sca-1+CD45Ter119CXCL12 Arteriolar [82]
PDGFRα+ Sca-1CD45Ter119CXCL12+ Sinusoids (CAR cells) [83]