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Fig. 3

From: Expression of ANGPTL2 and its impact on papillary thyroid cancer

Fig. 3

ANGPTL2 increases cell proliferation and migration/invasion on thyroid cancer cell. a ANGPTL2 knockdown by siRNA in TPC-1 cells was confirmed by immunoblotting analysis; b Overexpression of ANGPTL2 in TPC-1 cells verified by immunoblotting analysis; GAPDH was used as a loading control. c ANGPTL2 knockdown inhibited cell proliferation of TPC-1 cells. Growth of TPC-1 cells was assessed by measuring absorbance at 450 nm. Values are expressed as fold change compared with cells at 0 h, (p < 0.05). d ANGPTL2 overexpression significantly enhanced cell proliferation of TPC-1 cells. e ANGPTL2 knockdown inhibited cell migration by the wound-healing assay. The statistical result was showed on the bottom. f ANGPTL2 knockdown restrained cell invasion. The Boyden chambers invasion assay was used. We counted the numbers of cells in five separate light microscopy fields at ×200 magnification (n = 3). Then we putted the statistic result of cell number per well after washing out the crystal violet to the bottom of figure (f). The statistical result was showed on the bottom. g ANGPTL2 overexpression significantly promoted cell proliferation in BCPAP cells. Overexpression of ANGPTL2 in BCPAP cells were verified by western blot (top). Overexpression of ANGPTL2 promoted the proliferation in BCPAP cells (bottom)

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