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Fig. 4

From: Modulation of doxorubicin-induced expression of the multidrug resistance gene in breast cancer cells by diltiazem and protection against cardiotoxicity in experimental animals

Fig. 4

Photomicrograph of a section of a rat heart of a control group. Showing a regular pattern of branching cardiac myocytes (arrows). Capillaries are noted between the myocytes ( ). b DIL (4 mg/kg) given 2 h before DOX 15 (mg/kg). Showing well organized architecture of branching cardiac muscle fibers with oval vesicular nuclei (arrows). Dilated, congested capillaries between muscle fibers are noted (dashed arrows). c DOX 15 mg/kg. Showing marked disruption of normal cardiac architecture. Multiple areas of fragmented cardiac muscle fibers (dashed arrows), zones of complete loss ( ) and hemorrhages (thick arrows) are noted. d DOX 15 (mg/kg) and DIL (4 mg/kg). Showing normal branching cardiac muscle fibers with central vesicular nuclei (arrows). Localized areas of shortened cardiomyocytes having deep eosinophilic cytoplasm and condensed peripheral nuclei (dashed arrows) or focal areas of loss ( ) are still revealed (H&E ×400)

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