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Fig. 1

From: Mfn2 inhibits proliferation and cell-cycle in Hela cells via Ras-NF-κB signal pathway

Fig. 1

The overexpression of Mfn2 and its effect on cell proliferation in Hela cells. a HeLa cells were incubated with Ad-Mfn2 (100 or 150pfu/cell) or Adv-control. The expression of Mfn2 mRNA in the Hela cells was detected by qRT-PCR. Data are represented as mean ± SD (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01). b, c Cell lysate was extracted from HeLa cells treated with Adv-control, Adv-Mfn2 (100 or 150pfu/cell) for Mfn2 expression by western blot analysis (b) and quantitation (c). GAPDH was used as reference. d Adv-mfn2 were added to the medium of the cells, and incubated for 60 h. Cellular staining of nuclear DNA (DAPI) and localization of Mfn2 protein in HeLa cells. Magnification: 200×. e, f HeLa cells were exposed to different concentrations of Adv-Mfn2 (0, 50, 100, 150 pfu/cell) for 48 h and 60 h, and then the cell viability was measured by CCK-8 assay. The Hela cells decreased after being treated with Adv-Mfn2 in a dose- and time-dependent manner. (mean ± SD from three independent experiments, **p < 0.01). g After incubated with Adv-mfn2 (0, 100 and 150 pfu/cell), the expression of PCNA protein in HeLa cells was detected by western blot. β-actin was used as reference

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