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Table 1 The summary of clinicopathological features and miRNA106b~25 of gastric cancer patients

From: Multivariate analysis of clinicopathological and prognostic significance of miRNA 106b~25 cluster in gastric cancer

Clinicopathological features 
Age (mean ± SD, year)53.75 ± 9.76
Sex (male/female)53/7
Location (proximal/middle/distal)16/12/32
Tumor size (< 5 cm, ≥ 5 cm)26/34
Bormann type (I/II/III/IV)5/14/31/10
T stage (T1/T2/T3/T4)3/13/4/40
N stage (N0/N1/N2/N3)19/18/9/14
TNM stage (I/II/III/IV)12/12/31/5
Histological grade (well/poor differentiated)17/43
Plasma miRNA 106b (median, range)2.465 (0.90–4.54)
Plasma miRNA 93 (median, range)2.305 (0.60–4.00)
Plasma miRNA 25 (median, range)2.145 (0.45–3.87)
Tumor miRNA 106b (median, range)2.430 (0.73–4.45)
Tumor miRNA 93 (median, range)2.880 (1.44–4.68)
Tumor miRNA 25 (median, range)2.165 (0.52–3.85)