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Table 3 1,3 and 5 year-survival rate of gastric cancer patients according to clinicopathological features and miRNA 106b~25

From: Multivariate analysis of clinicopathological and prognostic significance of miRNA 106b~25 cluster in gastric cancer

Clinicopathological featuresTotalOS
 < 552095.
 ≥ 554092.552.527.5  
Tumor location
Tumor size (cm)
 < 52696.273.138.518.0010.000
 ≥5 3491.231.03.1  
Bormann type
 I + II1995.252.423.80.7720.380
 III + IV4192.347.90.160  
T stage
 T1, T21693.875.043.85.9140.015
 T3, T44490.940.19.4  
N stage
TNM stage
 I, II2495.883.341.724.4500.000
 III, IV3688.932.22.9  
Histological grade (-differentiated)
Plasma miRNA 106ba
Plasma miRNA 93a
Plasma miRNA 25a
Tumor miRNA 106ba
Tumor miRNA 93a
Tumor miRNA 25a
  1. YSR year survival rate
  2. aMedian was set as cut-off value; low was ≤ median; high was > median