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Fig. 6

From: Long noncoding RNA DIO3OS interacts with miR-122 to promote proliferation and invasion of pancreatic cancer cells through upregulating ALDOA

Fig. 6

DIO3OS promotes PC growth in vivo. a, b Nude mice were subcutaneously injected with MIA PaCa-2 cells transfected with DIO3OS siRNA or control siRNA (a), or AsPC-1 cells transfected with DIO3OS vector or control vector (b). After implantation for 6 days, tumor volume was measured every 3 days (n = 4); c, d Immunohistochemistry analysis of Ki-67 protein levels in xenograft tumor tissues from the mice described in (a) and (b). e The proposed mechanisms by which DIO3OS promotes PC cell growth and invasion via regulating the miR-122/ALDOA axis. *P < 0.05

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