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Fig. 6

From: The diverse mechanisms and anticancer potential of naphthoquinones

Fig. 6

Visualization of naphthoquinone E6a (16) and its interaction with NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (pdb code: 5EAI). a The naphthoquinone is represented in green, FAD and the protein in cartoon and side chains of residues with a distance less than 5Å are highlighted. b Protein chains highlighted in blue and gray and the surface of the naphthoquinone in colors per heteroatom. c Representation of the protein’s surface and the binding site of the naphthoquinone together with FAD. The cyan surface represents the residues which belong to the binding site with the distance criterion to the naphthoquinone (surfaces were calculated according to Sanner et al. [73]). Molecular modeling graphs were produced with the package UCSF Chimera [74]

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