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Fig. 5

From: miR-145 supports cancer cell survival and shows association with DDR genes, methylation pattern, and epithelial to mesenchymal transition

Fig. 5

miR-145 over-expression enhanced migration and supported EMT: MCF7 cells (untransfected, pEP-miR-Mock stable and pEP-miR-145 stable) (a) were seeded in 6-well plates. 24 h after seeding, a cell free zone was created using sterilized pipette tip and this was defined as 0 h (pre-wounding). Cellular migration in the cell free zone was visualized in pre-wounding wells (0 h) and post-wounding wells (after 24 h). The images were analysed using ImageJ and the distance between two walls of cell free zone (post-wounding–pre-wounding) of miR-145 over-expressing stable cells were found to be significantly decreased as compared to mock transfected stable cells; b cells cultured in soft agar and on 14th day fixed and stained using coomassie blue. The miR-145 over-expressing stable cells formed defined colonies suggesting their role in colony formation; c Western blots of Vimentin over-expression and down-regulation, and real-time PCR of ALDL mRNA down-regulation and over-expression upon miR-145 over-expression and inhibition, respectively, supporting the positive influence of miR-145 on EMT, in MCF7 cells

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