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Table 4 GO enrichment and KEGG pathway analysis results with grouped all samples into high- and low-IRS group

From: Identification of 3 subpopulations of tumor-infiltrating immune cells for malignant transformation of low-grade glioma

GO/KEGG Pathway ID Pathway description False discovery rate
GOBP GO.0022617 Extracellular matrix disassembly 2.24E−05
  GO.0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 5.75E−05
  GO.0040012 Regulation of locomotion 7.51E−05
  GO.0030334 Regulation of cell migration 0.0002
  GO.0001503 Ossification 0.000601
GOCC GO.0005615 Extracellular space 1.16E−10
  GO.0044421 Extracellular region part 3.19E−06
  GO.0005576 Extracellular region 9.92E−06
  GO.0005578 Proteinaceous extracellular matrix 0.000868
  GO.0044420 Extracellular matrix component 0.000868
  GO.0005793 Endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment 0.00291
GOMF GO.0005518 Collagen binding 0.00543
  GO.0031730 CCR5 chemokine receptor binding 0.0436
KEGG 4512 ECM-receptor interaction 0.000163
  4151 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway 0.00375
  4510 Focal adhesion 0.00375
  910 Nitrogen metabolism 0.0339