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Table 2 The model information of prognostic mRNA biomarkers in univariate and multivariable Cox regression analyses

From: Two predictive precision medicine tools for hepatocellular carcinoma

 Univariate analysesCoefficientMultivariate analyses
HR95% CIP-valueHR95% CIP-value
N4BP3 (high vs. low)2.1351.492–3.0540.0011.0122.7511.883–4.0190.001
COL15A1 (high vs. low)0. 380.378–0.7650.001− 0.6520.5210.358–0.7600.001
ADRA2B (high vs. low)0.4710.330–0.6710.001− 0.5370.5850.399–0.8560.006
NDST3 (high vs. low)0.5750.404–0.8180.002− 0.4140.6610.460–0.9490.025
E2F8 (high vs. low)2.0331.425–2.8980.0010.6351.8881.295–2.7520.001
MAPT (high vs. low)1.8751.315–2.6720.0010.4621.5871.101–2.2880.013
PZP (high vs. low)0.5970.420–0.8490.004− 0.4640.6290.440–0.8980.011
HOXD9 (high vs. low)1.8421.294–2.6230.0010.3741.4531.011–2.0890.044
  1. The median values of mRNA expression were used as cutoff values to stratify mRNA expression values into high expression group (as value 1) and low expression group (as value 0)