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Fig. 1

From: The influence of PFK-II overexpression on neuroblastoma patients’ survival may be dependent on the particular isoenzyme expressed, PFKFB3 or PFKFB4

Fig. 1

Analysis of PFKFB3 and PFKFB4 mRNA expression in neuroblastoma patients using a publicly available data set GSE62564. 498 neuroblastoma patients were classified in accordance to their PFKFB3 and PFKFB4 mRNA expression. The patients were divided into four expression groups (G1—low PFKFB3/low PFKFB4, G2—low-PFKFB3/highPFKFB4, G3—high PFKFB3/low PFKFB4, G4—high PFKFB3/high PFKFB4) based on the median

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