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Fig. 2

From: MMP3 activity rather than cortical stiffness determines NHE1-dependent invasiveness of melanoma cells

Fig. 2

Cortical stiffness depends on NHE1 expression. a The cortical stiffness of NHE1 overexpressing MV3 cells (n = 123 cells from N = 4 independent experiments) is significantly higher than that of the mock controls (n = 141, N = 3) while the bulk stiffness is not affected (n = 119, N = 4 for NHE1 overexpressing cells; n = 143, N = 3 for empty vector controls). b The bulk stiffness of NHE1 overexpressing MV3 cells is not affected by NHE1 inhibition with cariporide (HOE642). Although there is no difference in cortical stiffness between entirely untreated (n = 119, N = 4) and cariporide treated (n = 93, N = 3) cells, a slight, yet significant difference can be observed between cells treated with the solvent DMSO alone (n = 144, N = 3) and those treated with cariporide dissolved in DMSO

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