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Fig. 6

From: MMP3 activity rather than cortical stiffness determines NHE1-dependent invasiveness of melanoma cells

Fig. 6

Morphological parameters of MV3 cells depend on NHE1 expression and matrix fixation. a While both NHE1 overexpressing and control cells are less spherical, i.e. more branched on the fixed substrate, NHE1 overexpressing cells are generally more spherical than the control cells. The images show control cells on native substrate, representing (a) spherical (SI values closer to 1) and (b) branched or spindle-shaped (SI values closer to 0) morphologies. b On both substrates, the cell area of control and NHE1 overexpressing cells is not different. However, control cells are significantly larger on the fixed than on the native substrate. NHE1 overexpressing cells on fixed (n = 41 from N = 3 independent experiments) and native substrate (n = 40, N = 3); mock control cells on fixed (n = 33, N = 3) and native substrate (n = 30; N = 5)

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