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Fig. 7

From: MMP3 activity rather than cortical stiffness determines NHE1-dependent invasiveness of melanoma cells

Fig. 7

In Boyden chamber assays, MV3 cell invasion is affected by NHE1 expression, matrix fixation and actin cytoskeleton. a When seeded on a native matrix, the number of transmigrated cells is considerably higher in NHE1 overexpressing (N = 3 with n = 6 filter inserts/wells per experiment) than in control cells (N = 3, n = 6). The number of cells crossing a fixed matrix is strongly reduced and does not differ significantly between NHE1 overexpressing (n = 20, N = 5) and control cells (n = 14, N = 4). b On a fixed substrate, NHE1 inhibition by cariporide (HOE642) has no effect on the transmigration of NHE1 overexpressing MV3 cells (n = 15, N = 3). Inhibition of actin dynamics with cytochalasin D blocks invasion of NHE1 overexpressing cells almost completely (n = 11, N = 3)

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